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Candid forms of photography are increasingly becoming popular in the general day by day photography and also in formal photographic situations. Last time I was inspired to photograph a married relationship the couple actually hired me purely to take paparazzi style shows of these and their guests each day. They had another photographer for your formal shots and provided the brief of getting a behind the scenes look of the day.

The results, once they put together my shots using the formal ones were a great blend of photos that told a fuller story than if they’d gone for just one or the other.

Below are many tips to help photographers improve their ‘candid’ photography. Please note the tips are not about taking sneaky, voyeuristic or true paparazzi shots (ie photographing men and women without their permission) but rather about how to add a more candid feel to the shots you adopt of people that you know.

Probably the best way to adopt spontaneous photographs is to always be willing to do so. I have Canon G9 Charger which I get when I’m with a shoot but between shoots prefer to cary using a quality point and shoot camera that I can find at a moments notice to capture the various opportunities to get a good photo that life presents us with. Taking your camera with you everywhere likewise helps people to be more at ease together with you taking their photo. I find that my girlfriends and family just expect me to have my camera out when I do fire up it’s not just a signal to them to pose but it’s a standard part of our interaction – this means that they’re relaxed and also the photos are natural.

Obviously the further you’re away from your subject the not as likely they will be to find out that you’re photographing them as well as the more natural and relaxed they’ll act. Using a telephoto lens or long zoom allows you to shoot from the outside their personal space but keep your feeling of intimacy inside the shot you’re taking.

Perhaps the most apparent way you could signal to a new person that you’re photographing them would be to use a flash. There’s nothing can beat a blinding flash of light in the eyes to kill a short time. If possible (also it’s not always) make an effort to photograph with no flash should you’re shooting for candid shots. When in lower light situations increase your ISO setting, make use of a faster lens, start your aperture or if you guessed it-your camera has a ‘natural light mode’ turn it on. Hopefully one or even a combination of these approaches will help you blend in the background a little more.

I’ve discussed this before on this site but when you shoot multiple images quickly of your person you’ll be able to sometimes find some good surprising and spontaneous shots that you’d have never gotten should you shot one. Switch you guessed it-your camera to continuous shooting mode and shoot in bursts of images and in doing so you’ll improve your chances of that perfect shot.

While Candid Photography is all about capturing the spontaneity of a short time and getting that perfect shot on the right minute of time I find that in case you think ahead and anticipate what is all about to unfold in front of you that you could greatly improve the chances to get some great shots. So 82devypky being married get towards the church early (as well as go for the rehearsal) and take into consideration what will happen during the ceremony and which side be good for you to stand to capture each moment. Which way will people be facing? What will they do? What will the light be like? Thinking through these issues could save you having to run around repositioning yourself ought to be shooting images – it’ll also mean you take a whole heap less shots of the back of people’s heads!